Why « Continue With Google » when logging into Web Apps is not a good Idea

List of Google products which might out of your hands, just because Google has become too big for it sown wellbeing. Sorry guys 🙁

I mean they look like google, that’s different.

  • Youtube. My channel is still out of work, at least I don’t publish everything triple under different names anymore, that’s a progress. => Update : My Brand new channel is live, seems to work now.
  • All Google doc / Sheets / Android Apps.
  • Google Chrome account. I just changed my picture on my personnal account, I see no change at all when launching a Google Chrome Window.

Google Analytics 4 data is not the same on Web app and mobile App. 
So, first of all I would say GA4 was not at all a smart move at all, or maybe it was not smart to move on before the version was ready. 

I don’t like this Agile method thing, when you work properly, you finish the job to make it smooth and pretty before it goes live, you don’t sprint.

  • Android. I would say that they take over the phones they want to, but Android is in the hands of CIA via Alexandre of Webrankinfo this guy is a bitcH.
  • But the hardware Smartphones and Laptop is different, it is in the hands of China. I don’t really fear Samsung Corean that much, but more the Chinese Chipsets inside.
  • Question is, if I cast Google Chrome out of my computer, do they still hand on my webcams ? That would be cool to prove, because it would mean China and Alexandre / Wagner teamed up to hack privacy in Europe.
  • To me but I can be incorrect, Spam on Social networks like SouthWatt Analytics do on Linkedin under the name of Waalaxy is  Wagner , I mean said differently, it is Viking Heiligen Mystics who like honors, who manipulate marketers to make them pay the price and feed Ukrain war.
  • Only, because it is very handy, they say they are Google Analytics in order to fake that they don’t know Waalaxy and that they dont speak polish, so they team up wihtout saying it with frustrated  geeks paid by Wagner’s clients.
  • Google Maps, when looking up for a town, sometimes shows a house in particular, it is an offense to privacy. I sent some lines of code, not sure if anyone worked on it already. I mean to correct them, not copy and paste before checking pleaase. For example :

Delete *

from [Google maps table]

Where in (*jpg)

They hate the USA so much, that they take their money to shoot Google because they are American, only everyone at Google are immigrants and CIA guys in France are Bastards who were born here and prefer to spend US money for their shopping.

  • Where I am not sure, is on Google Docs Web app. This is so handy and Microsoft is so not working anymore, maybe they don’t dare to break that up, or they are dead, because they all work on Mac  and I’m not sure they remember what is Open Office.
  • Same for Google Drive, I think these guys know very well that Dropbox is a backdoor, and they have Zero alternative issue, because they prefer spamming than developping, and they need tools to work sometimes.
  • Thing is, how is it that Microsoft didn’t see that either, would it be that Gates actually faked he left, and kept giving whatever orders completelly stupid to CEO. They are not even hacked while Google is, I think only because in Europe or at least in France, Google Search has such a large share of users compared to Yahoo and bing, and Google Chrome compared to Firefox and Edge, he is absolutely not interesting to hack at all.

Or Vice Versa.